The Museum of Abandoned Secrets

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The author, Oksana Zabuzhko, a prize winning Ukrainian poet, researched the book by collecting recorded evidence and anecdotal eyewitness accounts of the Nazi occupation in Lviv from local residents, Holocaust survivors, World War II veterans and members of the Ukranian Insurgent Army. The Museum Of Abandoned Secrets is a large pages sprawling book which alternates between what could have been two novels — the present day romance set in a corrupt, slightly crazy, post Communist Ukraine struggling to emerge from the shackles of an oppressive Russian government and the tragic love story of Olena and her Free Ukrainian Army lover.

The story does jump about a bit, perhaps, because the author was trying to mimic the way memory works in human minds — we know we are at the office but something triggers a return to childhood events and for a time reality takes a different turn. Once I accepted the episodic prose style I became absorbed in both stories. If readers would like to research further there are references at the back of the text. Immerse yourself in this lovely book, let the funny, brave, idealistic, wildly romantic characters surround you — The Museum of Abandoned Secrets is a great read.

Copyright BookPleasures. All rights reserved. Spread The Word del. Stanislav in the late 19th — early 20th centuries. An ordinary spot on the border of the happy Austria. And against the backdrop of the era that will increasingly get wrapped in myths of an idyllic life — the lives of two women that got so closely intertwined, as if trunks of trees — in an inseparable grasp that does not make it possible to live, or breathe, stay or leave.

Domestic price: Arundhati Roy. Boh Dribnyts. The God of Small Things The events unfold in the world of a small town. In the world of castes, traditions, a communist movement, neglected beauty, and mutilated human destinies. Ammu — a divorced young mother of twins — returns to her father's house and once at night makes love with a man who her children loved in the daytime.

And she was punished, together with her children.. Margaret Atwood. Slipy ubyvtsya. The Blind Asassin Laura has always been a freak, while Iris is restrained, unlike her sister. They had each other, despite the world around.

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And then the fatal thing came, which changed the sisters' life and resulted in Laura's disappearance. She left behind a scandalous and mysterious book, where a man told his lover fantastic stories about the world where blind assassins lived Sylvia Plath. Pid sklyanym kovpakom. The novel describes experience of a young woman who is trying to overcome a major depressive disorder. The book was released in , ten years after the events described and a few weeks before Plath's suicide. Halyna Pahutyak. Nebesna kravchynya.

Knyha bezzakhysnosti. The Heavenly Seamstress: The book of defenselessness "There are very few things in the world that cannot be avoided. For example, death or defenselessness.

Death can be relieved with the hope for another life, defenselessness — with the hope for protection. But in eternity we are defenseless and mortal.

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Natalka Snyadanko. Okhayni propysy ertshertsoha Vilhelma. Neat Orders by Archduke Wilhelm The core of the novel is the individual story of one of the most extravagant members of the Imperial Habsburg family, Wilhelm, better known in Ukraine by his battle pseudonym Vasyl Vyshyvany. In the novel, he does not die in the walls of Lukyanivska prison, as it actually happened, but finds himself in the soviet Lviv, gets married Griselidis Real. Chorny — tse kolir.

Black Is A Color.. To earn for a piece of bread for her children, she eventually finds herself in an underground brothel. Her inclination to American black soldiers, among whom she discovers sincere friends, friendship with a gypsy family that miraculously survived death camps, and then assisting her fellow prostitutes and other disadvantaged people — this is what helps to survive.. Tracy Chevalier.

The Museum of Abandoned Secrets

Divchyna z perlovoyu serezhkoyu. This picture has something magnetic in it, it has been living its separate life for almost four centuries. Tracy Chevalier, modern US-British writer, picked up the girl from the famous portrait as the protagonist of her novel.. Tanya Malyarchuk. Oblivion What is time if not a whale that swallows everything. How many lives of outstanding Ukrainian turned into that swallowed plankton.

It is impossible to snatch them from the oblivion, unless someone living feels the urgent need to remember. In this novel, the renowned forgotten one is Vyacheslav Lypynsky, Ukrainian historian of Polish origin, philosopher and unlucky politician.. Fannie Flagg. Smazheni zeleni pomidory v kafe "Zupynka".

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Love and hatred, racial intolerance and mutual respect, honor and meanness, victory and defeat, happiness and sorrow — all of those intertwine in the interesting relaxed story and seems to involve the reader as a participant of the events. Oksana Lutsyshyna. Liubovne zhyttia. Love Life This ironic and tender, intelligent and romantic, almost nonfictional and absolutely fantastic story with the tint of soft humor and merciless sarcasm will definitely give you joy, pleasure of reading, and even a bit of catharsis.

Ayn Rend. Atlant rozpravyv plechi. Atlas Shrugged They have in their hands the most powerful corporations that the fate of the country depends on. They are modern Atlases. Their religion is economics, their responsibility — the burden of the entire world.

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Once they dreamt of changing the life of the society, but now they have to hear that all their work only multiplies injustice.. Nadiya Morykvas. This is a work of the writer's deep penetration into the everyday life of Galicians in the 's's. Among the participants of the novel's events, there are actual and fictional people who turned into the epoch's victims and heroes. The essay novel is a sort of a prophecy, a warning about the tragic realities of our time.. Irena Douskova. Hordyi Budscho. Proud Whatever Czechoslovakia, a provincial town, the 's. The age of the so-called "normalization", as the contemporary communist regime officially referred to the Soviet occupation of The narrator — eight-year old Helenka, a lonely child with developed imagination — is learning to survive in the cruel and brutal world around her without losing herself..

Katerina Tuckova. Zhytkovski bohyni. The Goddesses of Zitkova In the rocks of the White Carpathians, there have long lived women endowed with unique abilities.

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They could cure, advise in trouble, and they also say that they could predict the future. They were referred to as "goddesses". Dora Idesova is one of the last representatives of the clan of the goddesses of Zitkova An ordinary spot on the border of the "happy Austria", where they live, suffer And against the backdrop of the era that for next generations will increasingly get wrapped in myths of an idyllic life — the lives of two women that got so closely intertwined, as if trunks of trees — in an inseparable grasp that does not make it possible to live, or breathe, stay or leave.

Larysa Denysenko.

The Museum of Abandoned Secrets
The Museum of Abandoned Secrets
The Museum of Abandoned Secrets
The Museum of Abandoned Secrets
The Museum of Abandoned Secrets
The Museum of Abandoned Secrets
The Museum of Abandoned Secrets

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