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Robbins and Anthony, who had historically studied a condition similar to Stockholm syndrome, known as destructive cult disorder, observed in their study that the s were rich with apprehension surrounding the potential risks of brainwashing.

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Evolutionarily speaking, research evidence exists to support the genuine scientific nature of Stockholm syndrome. Responses similar to those in human captives have been detected in some reptiles and mammals, primates in particular. Being captured by neighboring tribes was a relatively common event for women in human history, if [early humans were] anything like the recent history of the few remaining tribes. In some of those tribes Yanomamo, for instance , practically everyone in the tribe is descended from a captive within the last three generations.

Perhaps as high as one in ten of females were abducted and incorporated into the tribe that captured them. Your female character being held hostage for such a long time, and possibly repeatedly beaten and raped in the bargain, can activate this capture-bonding as a coping mechanism:. From a psychoanalytic lens, it can be argued that Stockholm syndrome arises strictly as a result of survival instincts.

These sentimental feelings are not strictly for show, however. Since captives often fear that their affection will be perceived as fake, they eventually begin to believe that their positive sentiments are genuine. When a captor exerts complete and inescapable control of their captive, and can beat and rape the captive at will, captives mentally surrender to this new reality.

Then if their captor deviates from this horror with some kind of comfort including for example not beating or raping, or extra food or a treat, or even a pillow or blanket or heat in the winter this becomes evidence that their captor is being kind to them and caring for them, and has true affection for them. Yes that is irrational, the captor invented the rules and administered the beatings and rapes!

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It is similar to the parent-child dynamic which has the same structure: Mom and Dad make up the rules, you are in trouble if you don't obey them, but then if they forgive you some transgression, it feels like they have done you a favor out of love. The same irrationality is present in much religion: God the Father makes all the rules, and will punish me quite horribly if I disobey, but has the power to forgive me, for which I am expected to love Him, and respect Him, and blame my own weakness and inattention if I inadvertently commit some sin or resent this rule.

Note in all of these the rules and punishments are treated like laws of physics: A parent makes a rule about their child keeping their bed made up, then when the rule is broken, the parent says "Now I have to ground you for a day," as if they have no choice in the matter whatsoever.

The Stockholm syndrome

Another aspect of this is called propitiation, the captive will voluntarily perform acts or volunteer for them that they know their captor enjoys, as preemptive gifts to gain credit for forgiveness of future inadvertent transgressions. Such acts are a natural response meaning not necessarily explicitly reasoned out.

But they are closely related to wooing: Feeling affection for another, and doing kindnesses to win their affection back. They are not the same thing, winning their affection to avoid a beating did not usually begin with affection for the abuser, but in time the mind can mistake the latter for the former, and the captive can develop true affection for their captor and with it belief that their cause is righteous. All of which I say to inform your story to remain plausible.

It sounds plausible to me already, I like your plot. I will also say this kind of response, especially with prior training in understanding these dynamics, can often be resisted. A tough minded woman can override emotions with rationality and act the part, even over years.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Describing a psychological concept like Stockholm Syndrome in a non-Earth setting? Ask Question. Asked 1 year, 7 months ago. Active 1 year, 7 months ago. Number 4 in the global gender gap index, one of the lowest percentages of people in poverty, excellent medical system and so on.

As we were working towards solving a problem of emphasising content quality in a digital project I encountered interesting feedback from a client. We need to highlight everybody! I suppose the short history and the quick climb back to relative normality after the collapse of the Soviet Union has made us Estonians a bit impatient or even blunt. When it comes to hosting, the Brand Manual family in Stockholm did an amazing job.

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It was a highly considered action-packed week. Surviving that I had my first ever taste of mead a honey based drink not dissimilar to beer with Rickard at a vaguely viking-themed bar in the old town, allegedly owned by the euro-pop superstar e-type. Old-school reference for all you 90s fans out there. After such severe obscurity I had a chance to try fishing. Also for the first time. Special thanks to Maimi and her son for taking me out on the open water.

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All in all I managed to catch my own sleeve, some algae and a bug for the past-time. The fun culminated with the whole gang going out to the extremely cool ice bar I apologize for the pun. A bizarre concept for our climate to be honest. I did make one tragic mistake though. This makes it hard for experts to study, and even prompts them to question whether Stockholm Syndrome is actually a syndrome.

Nils Bejerot, a Swedish criminologist and psychiatrist, reportedly coined the term Stockholm Syndrome in , following a bank robbery in Sweden in which four people were held for six days by their captors.

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Once they were rescued, the victims all defended the robbers and refused to testify against them. Since then, other similar instances have occurred, but not nearly enough for clinicians to create a list of criteria and treatment strategies for its inclusion in the American Psychiatric Association's DSM handbook. That said, psychologists do know some things about Stockholm Syndrome, gleaned from interviews with people who have been held in a hostage situation. By watching the video below, you can learn what we do know about the rare condition, and why individuals might develop it, according to SciShow Psych.

Rosacea, a skin condition characterized by redness and swelling, is incredibly common: A recent study found that an estimated million people worldwide suffer from it. But they have some theories. Other things—like mites that live on the skin, an intestinal bug called H pylori common in those who have rosacea , and a reaction to a bacterium called bacillus oleronius—could also play a role in causing the condition. One study suggested an increased risk among smokers. Though people of all ages and skin tones can get rosacea, fair skinned people between the ages of 30 and 50 with Celtic and Scandinavian ancestry and a family history of rosacea are more likely to develop the condition.

But men are more likely to suffer from a rare rosacea side effect known as rhinophyma , which causes the skin of the nose to thicken and become bulbous.

Stockholm Syndrome: Ideas & Concepts Stockholm Syndrome: Ideas & Concepts
Stockholm Syndrome: Ideas & Concepts Stockholm Syndrome: Ideas & Concepts
Stockholm Syndrome: Ideas & Concepts Stockholm Syndrome: Ideas & Concepts
Stockholm Syndrome: Ideas & Concepts Stockholm Syndrome: Ideas & Concepts
Stockholm Syndrome: Ideas & Concepts Stockholm Syndrome: Ideas & Concepts

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