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Going beyond summaries of existing thought, we encouraged them to push further in creative elaborations of their keywords from within their own workoften a focused analytical example, drawn from ethnographic, historical, or philosophical research that has the potential to challenge existing discourses and suggest possibilities for further inquiry.

Any intellectual engagement with sound will necessarily reshape its material significances and extend its metaphorical lives in particular ways. Just as Williamss writings about culture informed the critiques of writing culture that followed his publication, we submit these keywords as reflexive considerations of past writings about sound, as elaborations on the broad conceptualizations of sound in everyday life, and as entry points for future debate.

Notes We thank all twenty authors for their patience in the back-and-forth and sometimes round-and-round loops of feedback in the editorial process. We also thank Ken Wissoker and the team at Duke University Press, as well as the anonymous reviewers who gave suggestions on the progress of the book. Finally, thanks to Peter Bloom, Steven Feld, and Jonathan Sterne for their helpful advice on earlier versions of this introduction. Williams also laid the groundwork for more recent reference works that similarly inspired us, including Words in Motion, edited by Carol Gluck and Anna Tsing , Critical Terms for Media Studies,edited by W.

Augoyardes and Henry Torges Sonic Experience: A Guide to Everyday Sounds , which describes the experiential conditions and phenomenological effects of sound. The chapters of this book are referred to throughout as entries, and are crossreferenced throughout the book by title.

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Keywords in Sound

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  • The Tuning of the World. New York: Knopf. Stadler, Gustavus, ed. The Politics of Recorded Sound. Special issue, Social Text Sterne, Jonathan. Suisman, David, and Susan Strasser, eds. Sound in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press. Voegelin, Salome. Williams, Raymond. Read Free For 30 Days. Keywords in Sound Edited by Novak and Sakakeeny. Description: In twenty essays on subjects such as noise, acoustics, music, and silence, Keywords in Sound presents a definitive resource for sound studies and a compelling argument for why studying sound matters.

    Each contributor details their keyword's intellectual history; outlines its role in cultural, social, and political discourses; and suggests possibilities for further research. Keywords in Sound charts the philosophical debates and core problems in defining, classifying, and conceptualizing sound and sets new challenges for the development of sound studies. Flag for inappropriate content.

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    Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Kane, Brian - Sound Unseen. Acousmatic Sound in Theory and Practice. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Juan Carlos Mendex.

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    Keywords in Sound
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