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Further, this book covers features of the JSP 1. Andrew Patzer is a web architect for a consulting firm located in the Midwest. Andrew served as a lead systems architect for an industry-leading application service provider in the insurance industry. He was directly involved in designing and building a J2EE development framework upon which the company's key product was built. Andrew has delivered several presentations over the years to both local user groups and national conferences.

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About this book While most other books merely instruct on basic JSP and servlet development, JSP Examples and Best Practices gives you some of the best practices and design principles, enabling you to build scalable and extensible enterprise Java applications. Originally posted by Gerry Giese: In my situation I've got a set of objects that I'm keeping in session because they get modified as the user visits various pages save doesn't happen until a 'submit report' event occurs at the end of the session.

That was part of my question. Why go through the overhead of building a bunch of new generic objects to place in the request when you can access the model object out of session directly and call it's gettors? Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do!! The info on the book which you have given so far really drives me to get the book rightaway. The various features that you had outlined are really worthy and hard to find in common. Congrats on the great job. One question which I would like to ask you now is: What are the typical cases where one would go for the MVC architecture or rather what are the main issues which really compel the programmers to use the MVC architecture?

Regards, John. Originally posted by sridhar satuloori: Andrew, Does this book contains any information on how to build JSP compiler --Sridhar. And have these business-objects separated from an database-interaction interface so that I could easily substitute different datasources rdbms, xml, object-relational mapper, lotus-notes. Or is this out-of-topic regarding your book? Originally posted by Garrett Smith: Hello Andrew, I have a question regarding best practices, but first, I want to explain my personal take on the subject.

I have eliminated scriptlets from my jsp's for several reasons.

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It is something that i have considered doing with custom tags, but I found that it is easier and even cleaner to do this with scriptlets. I have three things that I have used scriptlets for within css files. The most basic is browser detection. It is a well-known fact that no two browers handle css exactly the same.

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Since the css file is a template file, I feel that it is most appropriate to use scriptlets. The template can be modified with little effort and a the entire site can be updated with that. What's your take on this? I want your book Garrett. Originally posted by Velika Srbija: Hi Andrew, goooood to meet you here!!!

This post comes from Serbia-Yugoslavia. I bought that book, and I'm not phrentic. This one is close to what I was looking for. I'm looking forward to introduce and educate my friends in Java technology - especially servlets and JSP in order to show and prove them that this is better solution than C.

I'm especially interested in ypur guidelines and tips when implementing MVC. I was glad to know I "invented" almost the same techniques for page navigation, error checking, etc. After finishing those chapters, I'm assured that my approaches were industry-strengthy. However, I'd like to know more about how other people do logging and monitoring with web apps. I feel my approaches to the above is good, but need to confirm.

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Carl Trusiak. The best part, the Author, Andrew Patzer, will be online to answer your questions!

Let's all give him a warm JavaRanch Welcome! Thanks to the people at APress for the book's! Murilo Beriam. Hi guys! I'd like to know which is the best way to ensure security in an action of a form. Is there any manner to avoid the user to copy the form to his machine and alter some code before submitting? Thanks a lot! I have read some reviews on this book, and even though I have accumulated many JSP books, this book it what I am looking for. We are in the final stages of the first release of a web site that uses JSP and servlets and I would like to read up on "best practices and design principles", as well as open source testing tools to validate JSP-based Web applications.

Our next release will include secure and non secure web pages. We have to display a different header, side nav and footer depending on if secure or not. Axel Janssen. Hi Andrew, welcome to javaranch. I never thought I would consider buying or winning yet another JSP book, but this looks really interesting.

What I am missing on the amazon page about the book is the word "struts". Don't you like the struts-framework? The focus on the process of development with unit-testing, automated build procedures etc.

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Ren Li. Welcome Andrew, Same as Axel, I am looking for the key words "struts" and "taglib" too. Maria Tan. Welcome to javaranch, Andrew. We would like to use MVC model-view-controller in our next release. I would like to understand it more deeply. Sandep Chaturvedi. From what I read in the book summary, it covers design patterns and other aspects of JSP other than the cool stuff you can do in scriptlet like a magic JSP.

Greg Ostravich. I checked the synopsis of the book on Amazon.

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It says you do talk about Apache tools in your book. Are there lots of examples of Ant Build files?

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Do you use JUnit for your unit testing? Are there examples of that as well? Do you talk about other testing tools like Cactus or Cruise Control?


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It also says you talk about MVC architecture - do you use or talk about Struts in the book? If you do, are there examples? Andrew Patzer. Well, thank you for the warm welcome. I look forward to discussing JSP with all of you over the next few days. This thread has hit upon a few different questions, so I'll try and cover each one here.

If I miss anything, please start a new thread and I'll try and address it there.

Regarding the questions about MVC -- I believe that using a model view controller framework is by far the best way to approach web development. For example, let's say you need to check the HTTP headers and modify the request prior to executing it's target. If you're using an MVC framework, it's easy to insert the a call to that custom functionality either inside the controller, or even as a servlet filter before the request even gets to the controller. Regarding Struts -- I do like the Struts framework and I even use it on my current project.

If you are willing to take the time to learn it, then I believe it can provide a lot of value. My book does not address Struts for two reasons.

Jsp Examples And Best Practices Apress Jsp Examples And Best Practices Apress
Jsp Examples And Best Practices Apress Jsp Examples And Best Practices Apress
Jsp Examples And Best Practices Apress Jsp Examples And Best Practices Apress
Jsp Examples And Best Practices Apress Jsp Examples And Best Practices Apress
Jsp Examples And Best Practices Apress Jsp Examples And Best Practices Apress
Jsp Examples And Best Practices Apress Jsp Examples And Best Practices Apress
Jsp Examples And Best Practices Apress Jsp Examples And Best Practices Apress

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